David is an award-winning cinematographer and producer based in San Francisco. Originally a New Yorker, he began making movies in his backyard before studying at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. He then earned a Masters degree in Government and spent the next several years budgeting billions for the White House and managing massive technology projects for the City of New York. He eventually made his way back to his true passion of visual storytelling.

He works as a cinematographer for a range of narrative, documentary and commercial projects.  

David's interest in documentary storytelling has allowed him to shoot for major news outlets across the globe including ABC News, BBC, Al Jazeera and The Washington Post. Most recently, he lensed and produced an award-winning feature documentary, KIM SWIMS, that screened at film festivals around the world and is now available on all major streaming platforms. He has also lensed projects for companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Workday and many other major brands.

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